jueves, 3 de mayo de 2018


#6 Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind

Have you ever imagined that anyone can mix romance, science fiction and realism and make an incredible quirky romantic movie? A heartbroken man decides to undergo a procedure that will literally make him forget about her; that is, to medically erase his ex girlfriend from his memory. But, as he gradually loses his memories, he realizes that he has made a huge mistake which is probably too late to fix! Only Charlie Kaufman could manage to create a romantic movie that doesn't remind us of anything we have ever watched before! Forget about banalities and anticipated plot twists and enjoy this truly unique movie!


How to choose a romantic film your boyfriend will love!

It's not that guys don't enjoy watching romantic movies. There are so many good films out there, with clever quotes, enjoyable plot and great actors. What guys don't like is films that star Prince Charming; or unrealistic modern day versions of him. They are also not interested in wedding plans; any conversation about bridesmaids dresses can probably bore them to death.
So, if you are trying to find a great movie to watch with your boyfriend or husband at home, ask yourself a couple of questions: Am I sure this is not too cheesy? Does it have a bit of "guy humour"? Even some action maybe? Well, you may have found the perfect mix: a film that both you and him with love!
Don't forget to take into account the kind of movies your boyfriend usually likes! If he is an arthouse movie fan, pick movies like "Before Sunrise" or "Edward Scissorhands". If he is a hopeless romantic, he will enjoy movies like "Sabrina" or "Chocolat". If he cannot watch anything without action, try movies like "Original Sin" or "Mr and Mrs Smith".
Here is a list of romantic movies I have watched with my boyfriend, which I have chosen and he really loved! Needless to say, I also enjoyed watching them. Not all of them are comedies; the one thing they all have in common is that they are excellent and enjoyable films, with great direction, screenplay and performances.